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Thank you for visiting meaning makers global. I am an educator, entrepreneur, researcher and curriculum developer with a passion and specialty in the arts and aesthetic education in the early years. Through my professional, community, political and media involvements, I have been an advocate for children's holistic development. Currently, my interests are focused on cultural policy, the enhancement of the quality of arts education in the early years, as well as advocacy for the enrichment of children's lives and well-being through the arts.   

Conceptualizations of the purpose(s) of education are varied. It is my humble opinion that education's primary aim is to support the personal and cultural transformation and self-actualization of individuals and society. Whether we are educating youngsters or adults, forwarding an integrative, holistic and transformative approach to learning is impactful. Over the years, I have been hosting this website, blogging and sharing aspects of my life or reflecting on various topics in education. As we begin a new school year, I am delighted to continue to share my perspective, research and research reviews, as well as curriculum resources and retreats to support your practice in the arts.

You can also download my app "Meaning Makers" and access courses, resources, and music play activities. 

Thank you for joining me on the journey of learning for continued personal and professional growth in arts education. 

Dr. Amoriza Gunnink, Ph.D., FRSA 

"The arts invite our children to embodied participation in learning engagements while enhancing their cultural knowledge.” 

-Amoriza Gunnink

Presentation “Artful Play” at the World Forum, Macao China 

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